Tale of Two Guides 




Debbie Pearson and Julie Chandler are qualified London tour guides, and have worked together for several years in Westminster and the City of London. They have led guided walks, given talks and been actively involved with their guiding associations.

2020 was all set to be a busy year, as it was the bicentenary of the birth of Florence Nightingale, and Julie had developed some walks for the Florence Nightingale Museum. When a group of 50 people from Brazil make a booking, a second guide was needed, and Julie called on Debbie.

And then the pandemic struck. 2020 was the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife, and nurses were needed more than ever. But for tour guides, it was a difficult year. All that research and preparation could have gone to waste. But Debbie had an idea for using some of that knowledge…

And so, instead of leading people around London, looking at locations and telling their tales, Debbie and Julie wrote their first book: Florence Nightingale’s London – An A to Z of the Lady with the Lamp. We hope you enjoy it.