If you fancy following in Florence’s footsteps, then both Debbie and Julie regularly lead their public Florence Nightingale’s London walk in support of the Florence Nightingale Museum. The walk lasts approximately 2 hours and takes you from Florence’s home in Mayfair to her memorial statue. Along the way, discover her favourite perfume, see where she wrote Notes on Nursing and find out more about her personal and professional life. The next available dates are:
  • Thursday 18th November 2021 
  • Friday 10th December 2021 
Click here to book via the Museum’s website – Florence Nightingale’s London – Florence Nightingale Museum London (florence-nightingale.co.uk).
Private Walks and Groups  Bookings for private walking tours and groups can also be made directly with the authors by clicking here. Been there, done that? Then maybe explore one of the other areas in London associated with Florence Nightingale. We have walking tours to discover Florence’s connections in Westminster, the City of London and Bloomsbury.  Here’s a little taster of what’s in store on one of our walks. Insert a short video clip of part of a walking tour.